Written by:

Danique van 't Ent


Today marks a significant milestone in the history of Arcus. Today, we celebrate our 60th anniversary!

On October 28, 1963, Mr. M. Johnen opened the doors of Arcus in the small village of Berzdorf, near Wesseling, Germany. He started with a small warehouse in a garage.

Soon, he realized the need for more space and invested in a small hall of approximately 1000m2, complete with an office.

Arcus saw rapid success, prompting Mr. M. Johnen to invest once again, this time in a 4000m2 warehouse, still located in the same village of Berzdorf.

In 1981, Arcus successfully expanded its operations to the Netherlands, opening the doors of Arcus in Dordrecht, resulting in a warehouse of currently 15.000m2.

German investments in 1982 continued by building a new 4000m2 warehouse in Weilerswist, which introduced a pickling line, enhancing customer service capabilities.

Arcus’s growth in Germany was so remarkable that in 1989, Weilerswist became the main headquarters for the country: warehouse was enlarged to 14.000m2 and an office building of 800m2 was built.

In 1991, Arcus opened its doors in Belgium, establishing a sales office to better serve its Belgian customers.

In 1992, Arcus Inox was founded in Viarmes, France. Currently customers are served via five locations in France. The warehouses are covering a total of 20.000m2 with 3.500 tons of available stock.

In 2012, Arcus Industrial Supplies was established in Brielle, the Netherlands, featuring a warehouse of 3.400m2. For customers the one-stop-shop where they can pick-up their goods anytime.

Arcus further expanded its business by opening sales offices, aiming to enhance customer service and strengthen its position in Europe. In 2014, the sales office in Heerenveen, the Netherlands, was opened, followed by the opening of sales offices in Leipzig and Essen, Germany in 2017. This year, we proudly inaugurated our 13th location in Bremen, Germany.

A start was made with welded pipes sold from a garage, but today, Arcus offers a comprehensive range of both welded and seamless pipes, flanges, fittings as well as industrial components in accordance with EN and ASTM standards. In addition the value added services as machining and pickling in Weilerswist are unique and highly recognized by our customers. We joint forces to exceed customers’ expectations.

As a stable family company, Arcus has evolved into a well-established supplier and service provider with a strong global reputation and a European customer base.

However, some things did not change: the long-term business relationships with customers, suppliers, employees and other stakeholders still form the foundation of Arcus’s success.

With 13 locations, approximately 225 employees, 52.400m2 warehouse, almost 10.000 tons of stocks and a revenue of €180 million within the Arcus Group, as well as a stable customer base all over Europe, we are extremely proud!

On behalf of the owners and the  managing directors, we want to express our gratitude to the Arcus family, and of course, to all our cstomers and stakeholders, because without you, we could not have reached this milestone.