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Always doing the best for our customer, that's what we stand for.

We are the supplier in the field of stainless steel pipes and components for industrial applications. Always doing the best for our customer, that is what we stand for.

The stainless steel market is complex and dynamic. Knowledge about this market and products is therefore essential. As is the ability to switch quickly and flexibly. We have that knowledge and vigorous.

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At Arcus, we always supply high quality stainless steel products. Our products are produced according to the highest standards. We work with carefully selected partners who have the required certifications. Available qualities include 304/304L, 316/316L, (Super)Duplex and various Nickel Alloys.

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Pieter van Nieuwaal
Managing Director
Employee story

“Our goal is to focus on growth as a result of sustainable business relationships with customers, suppliers, our employees and other stakeholders.”

Danny Kant
Account Manager
Employee story

“Together with our clients, as 1 team, bringing projects to a successful outcome. That is the best thing there is.”

Darja Verhoeven
Account Manager

“We also do custom work. The other day a customer wanted a flange with a special hole pattern in it. We then make sure we can deliver this.”

Ingo Meinhold
Head of Sales South-West DACH
Employee story

“At Arcus, there are new customer challenges every day.
Challenges that we always solve for our customers as a team.”

Area Sales Manager

“As a total supplier, we relieve our customers, who are very grateful to us.
You can't get a bigger compliment. That's what makes working at Arcus Group so much fun.

Marvin Krijgsman
Account manager
Employee story

“Discussing the weekend with customers is what I like most. Building that personal connection with customers and that includes the occasional joking.”

Nathalie Robben
Account Manager

“Every day is a fun challenge, to help our customers in a world full of men, as a woman. Sociability and Rotterdam humor make the working atmosphere and special customer relations at our company in Vierpolders.”

Dimas de Graeve
Area Sales Manager

“Small urgent orders or large project orders?
We'll be happy to advise you on fast, complete delivery.
Arcus, your one-stop supplier!”

Astrid Bastiaans - van Staveren
Sales Support

“It's nice to see customers I've been talking to on the phone for so long. I've also known some of them for over 30 years.”

Arnold Pol
Area Sales Manager
Employee story

“We offer you added value from your request to project delivery.”

Area Sales Manager

“Thinking along with our customer, to offer them the best solution to their problem! That makes me very enthusiastic! Our knowledge is your advantage!”

Account Manager
Employee story

“We never give up.
We think in terms of solutions.
Where others stop, we continue.

Rolf de Kok
Finance Director

“Focus on continuous development of my colleagues and myself in order to exceed our clients' expectations with unified Arcus strength.”

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whitepapers interviews blogs stories 

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  • Mail to INFO@ARCUS.NL