The essence of our gaskets in the stainless steel sector.

Gaskets are essential components in the piping construction sector (stainless steel and carbon steel). But why are they so essential?
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Hans Spaans

Gaskets are essential components in the piping construction sector (stainless steel and carbon steel). These indispensable components are used to prevent leakage between flanges, thereby ensuring the reliability of piping systems and human and environmental safety. In this blog, we reflect on the different types of gaskets available from our stock.

Gaskets for EN flanges
Flanges according to European standard EN1092-1, we stock at Arcus in different versions and for various pressure classes, such as PN6 and PN160. These flanges are used for various industrial applications. An assortment of gaskets is therefore a valuable addition to our extensive range of steel and stainless steel flanges. Arcus offers a wide selection of gaskets (PN6, PN10/16 and PN40), including:

Fiber gaskets:
Fiber gaskets are made of a combination of fibrous materials and rubber and are commonly used in low-pressure, water/steam and utility installations.

Graphite gaskets:
Graphite gaskets are used at higher temperatures and higher pressures. This type of gasket offers a very good seal and is often found in the petrochemical industry.

Spiral Wound gaskets (SS inner ring/CS outer ring or SS inner ring/SS outer ring):
Spiral Wound gaskets combine the flexibility of wound construction with the strength of metal rings. This type is universally applicable and can withstand high pressure and high temperatures.

Gaskets for ASTM flanges.
For American Standard (ASTM) flanges, such as 150LBS and 300LBS, Arcus also has several types of gaskets available as fiber,  graphite and spiral wound gaskets.

Additional Options and Services.
In addition to these standard types, gaskets are also available (upon request) for specific applications. Please contact our colleagues for the possibilities.

Gaskets play an essential role in piping construction by preventing leakage between flanges and ensuring piping reliability. By ensuring a diverse stock of gaskets suitable for different flange standards and applications, we offer the opportunity to order flanges and gaskets combined: efficient and cost-reducing!

Are you looking for the best stainless steel solution for your project or would you like advice on the application of gaskets for your project after reading this blog?

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