Sofyan El Moumni

Intern in the spotlight
Written by:

Danique van 't Ent

Sofyan El Moumni is a Logistics Management intern in our logistics department. For his graduate internship, he researched the efficiency of our inventory management under the supervision of Peter van Dam.

Before we start the interview, Sofyan presents his final presentation so I can get a good idea of his research and internship period.

During his research he mainly looks at operations, process and optimization, common problems, workload, costs and efficiency. He studied our storage methodologies, work processes and gave us great advice on how to improve.

Why did you choose an internship at Arcus?
‘At Arcus Group you get the attention you need during your internship. You also get room for development on a personal level. I was given all the freedom I needed to work on my thesis. I spent the first few months in the logistics office, then always in the canteen. The guys would often come in for a chat. Super fun, with a super good atmosphere. This made me do three internships at Arcus Group.’

Where is your biggest challenge during your internship?
‘Defining my assignment. It’s quite a broad assignment. Optimization of the Kasto, where you have to take into account so many different processes. Defining that was tricky, but I got there in the end and this resulted in a great report.’

What do you enjoy most about your internship?
‘The collaboration with colleagues. I was there to deliver something to the colleagues. The communication and connection with the colleagues gave me a lot of insights and because of this I also got them on board with my story.’

What do you really excel at?
‘Taking initiative and being creative. You can measure efficiency in various ways, even if this has never been done before. By being creative and bringing diversity, I was able to set up that 0 measurement. I always included the stakeholders in this. That is my strength. As a result, I also received good feedback, which also allows you to deliver a strong product. That communication, diversity, and creativity is what I excel at.’

Why would you recommend other students to do an internship at Arcus as well?
‘What I actually said. Because of the freedom you get to work on your self-development. There are super many professionals walking around who you can learn a lot from, as long as you ask them yourself. A lot of people who intern here also get a contract afterwards and become permanent employees.’

What tip would you give the next intern at Arcus?
‘Listen carefully to the insights you get. Communicate clearly if you don’t understand something and, above all, be yourself.’

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