Peter van Dam

Employee in the spotlight

At Arcus, we strongly believe in the power of personal contact. This is the only way to build long-term relationships. We regularly share the story of one of our colleagues. This month we would like to introduce you to Peter van Dam, Team Leader Warehouse.

 Peter has worked at Arcus for almost 17 years now. He started as a warehouse worker and grew to Team Leader Warehouse. He manages about 30 people. In this role he feels like a fish in the water.

 What does a workday look like for you?
“I usually start around 8 o’clock. Then I have a meeting with the coordinators. The first shift starts as early as 5 am. and then I hear if there are any particulars. Furthermore, I review all the orders from the different sites and evaluate if there are any orders that need extra attention.”

“Every week I also discuss safety with the coordinators. Safety is high on our agenda. So every week rounds are made. Then we check whether the fire extinguishers are easily accessible, whether there are ropes on the floor, the emergency doors are clear, etc. Anyway, I have my fictitious safety glasses on every day.”

“Ideal internship for students”

“Since I have been working at Arcus, I have been in contact with da Vinci College. Especially with Erik Jonker. We offer, in my eyes at least, an ideal internship for their students???? . We have pallet racks, cantilever racks, fully automatic machines for flanges and fittings. We also have tube storage systems, Kardex lift systems, overhead cranes, forklifts and side loaders. And, of course, our trucks. For a Logistics student, of course, super diverse.”

“Sometimes students come who have never been in a warehouse before. It’s fun to see them feast their eyes on us.”

How do you provide proper guidance?
“All students get to spend a day in all departments the first week to get to know the department and colleagues. They also receive training from my colleague Marco to get acquainted with our products. We guide them well, but the responsibility lies with the student themselves. They have to take the initiative themselves in what they want.”

“The nice thing is that many interns stay. They start as warehouse employees and if they do their best then they grow on. All that is possible here.”

What do you enjoy most about your work at Arcus?
“Every day is different. I get a lot of energy from the upcoming new construction and from my team. I enjoy motivating them and getting a little better every day. Arcus is a social company and gives everyone opportunities. I like that. Everyone is warmly welcomed. No one is more than the other. I feel the same way about the management. I’m really proud that I work here.”


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