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Danique van 't Ent

At Arcus, we strongly believe in the power of personal contact. This is the only way to build long-term relationships. We regularly share the story of one of our colleagues. This month we would like to introduce you to Monique de Groot, Accounting Cooperation.

Monique has been working at Arcus since March 1, 2022, in the Accounting Department. She was looking for a warm company, with an informal atmosphere and lots of personal contact, and she found that at Arcus.

Hoe ziet een werkdag voor jou eruit?
”I mainly deal with processing the administration. Together with my team, I process the administration for the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. In the morning I start booking the banks. We then check the bank statements and link them to outstanding invoices. Then we check all incoming invoices and book them to a specific item. I also make sure that payments are entered. We make overviews for the Finance department with all the information what needs to be paid, such as salaries, taxes and creditor payments. Of course there are many more tasks to list, my job is very diverse!”

What do you enjoy most about your work at Arcus?
“I like that I can learn a lot. I started at the basics, but I have learned a lot and I have been given more tasks. There are also a lot of opportunities for advancement within Arcus.”

“The atmosphere is very good, informal and friendly. Every department is easily approachable, everyone knows each other and that makes it very nice. Actually, I like everything at Arcus. I have lots of challenges and the team is just really nice! I am also an enthusiastic participant in the personal training classes that Arcus offers. Super nice that this is possible at Arcus.”

Why are you a good fit for Arcus?
“I am vigorous. In the beginning I wanted to take advantage of everything to learn a lot and I still have that. I want to achieve my goals. Arcus is very knowledge-driven. You get the space to gain knowledge and that suits me because I like to learn new things.”

What do you get a kick out of?
“I think when we finish the month end. That’s a busy week, and when everything is closed we have achieved another goal together. I really get a kick out of that! I hope I get to learn and do a lot more at Arcus.”

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