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Hoe efficiënt is onze Kardex machine en hoe kan de machine ons helpen bij optimalisatie?
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Peter van Dam

The stainless steel (SS) industry is a crucial sector that supports a wide range of applications within such diverse industries as process industries, shipping, food industry, as well as equipment builders and installers.

Efficiency and precision are essential pillars for Arcus’ success in this demanding industry. In this blog, we will highlight the role of our Kardex machine and explain how its use in the stainless steel industry can help streamline processes, minimize waste and optimize our logistics.

What is a Kardex machine?
Our Kardex machine is an automated vertical storage system designed to efficiently store and manage goods. It consists of vertical columns with bins and/or drawers that can be lifted and moved using an automated elevator. The system is controlled by software that streamlines inventory management and order picking.

Optimization of space and storage.
In the stainless steel industry, where large quantities of different materials and components must be stored, space optimization is critical. Our Kardex machine makes optimal use of the vertical space in our warehouse, allowing us to store more inventory in a smaller floor space. In addition, the handling process from receiving goods from suppliers to having our inventory available for orders is accelerated because the processing time is lower with a Kardex machine than with conventional storage systems, such as warehouse shelving. This helps us minimize storage space costs and efficiently utilize our available space.

Fast and accurate order picking.
Manually picking stainless steel materials can be time-consuming and can lead to errors in the order picking process. With our Kardex machine, our employees can quickly and accurately select the required materials because the system automatically brings the correct bin or tray to the operator. This reduces the risk of errors and improves our overall order picking speed. Within the supply chain, this is also known as the “goods to men” principle. Products are brought to the employee’s location, instead of employees having to drive to the products. This increases efficiency and reduces employee movements. This leads to time savings. The goods-to-men principle focuses on optimizing processes to streamline workflow and increase productivity.

Traceability and inventory management.
The use of our Kardex machine makes it possible to streamline inventory management and achieve better traceability of materials. The automated software tracks our inventory levels, giving us real-time visibility into available materials. This allows us to proactively respond to demand and minimize unnecessary inventory waste.

Safety and ergonomics.
Handling heavy stainless steel materials manually can be physically demanding for our employees. With our Kardex machine, our materials are automatically picked up and brought to the correct height, reducing the physical strain on our employees and improving ergonomics.

Using our Kardex machine offers us significant benefits in terms of efficiency, space optimization, order picking speed, traceability and safety. By integrating these automated vertical storage systems into our operations, we can streamline our processes and remain competitive in a rapidly changing and demanding industry. The importance of efficiency and optimization will only increase as the demand for stainless steel materials continues to grow, and the Kardex machine will be an indispensable tool to meet these demands.

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