Astrid Wellmann

Employee in the spotlight
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Danique van 't Ent

At Arcus, we strongly believe in the power of personal contact. This is the only way to build long-term relationships. We regularly share the story of one of our colleagues. This month we would like to introduce to you Astrid Wellmann, HR Manager Germany.

On March 1, 2023, Astrid started at our location in Weilerswist as the first official HR Manager for Germany.

‘My colleagues made my start at Arcus very easy. Everyone welcomed me in a friendly and helpful manner. Whether it was in the warehouse, in the office or (as the first woman) in the Leadership Team. That meant a lot to me and I would like to thank everyone for that.’

‘At Arcus, people are really important and you are there for your employees and colleagues, even on a personal level. That’s really remarkable!’

What does your working day look like?
‘I work with a wide variety of people. Every day is different. There is no such thing as a boring routine. Every day has its own surprises in store. Of course, I also have my standard tasks such as payroll accounting, sick notes and following them up, but most of the time I’m working on improving the HR work at Arcus Edelstahl.’

What do you enjoy most about your work at Arcus?
‘My work is very flexible and varied. At best, I can see in advance what is going to happen and set the course accordingly. That’s what I like most about my work. I also really enjoy working with and for people. In my HR work, I try to help people, both professionally and to some extent also on a personal level. This personal approach is very important to me.’

‘I am the first HR manager at Arcus Edelstahl for our Weilerswist, Leipzig, Essen and Bremen sites, and this brings with it many challenges. This also creates a dynamic in my work with a wide variety of people and the distance between the locations.’

‘I enjoy supporting new employees during the induction process because I know how important a good start is! I like the variety of personalities among office staff and warehouse workers as well as the different cultures. I simply enjoy my job!’

Why do you fit so well at Arcus? Warum passen Sie so gut zu Arcus?
‘I identify very much with Arcus’ core values (personal, vigorous and knowledge-driven). I find the personal aspect of my work very important, but also the determination. Tackling challenges with both hands and making changes for the good of our company. I also like to develop myself through training and carry out a large part of my work with knowledge, experience and empathy. We are also a team at Arcus and that is very important to me.’

What do you get a kick out of in your work?
‘I particularly enjoy working with my colleagues in the Netherlands. We complement each other very well and it is an exciting and interesting collaboration. In future, we will also be working together more with our colleagues in France. This will make my work even more varied and dynamic. Together we have the goal of taking Arcus to a higher level in the field of HR. I am very happy to take on this challenge and I really enjoy it.’

How do you see the future at Arcus?
‘At the moment, I’m mainly involved in setting up the HR department in Germany. It’s very demanding at the moment, but it will pay off in the future. I’m looking forward to implementing changes in my role that will make us even better in the future and that will improve and simplify our collaboration both nationally and internationally. To this end, I also work a lot with the Marketing and Communications and IT departments, among others. Because #WeAreARCUS!’

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