Alessio Perez Rociola

Intern in the spotlight
Written by:

Danique van 't Ent

Alessio Perez Rociola is a communications intern in our Marketing and Communications Department. He is mainly concerned with our CSR policy, researching the communication strategy around CSR.

Why did you choose to do an internship at Arcus?
‘In the past, I have worked at small companies that only focused on communications. I now wanted a larger company with departments that have nothing to do with communication, but where communication is applicable. After my conversation with Danique and Joyce, I found out that Arcus was the right place for that and I chose Arcus as my internship company.’

Where is your biggest challenge during your internship?
‘I think in taking different interests of various people into account. I deal with a lot of people in my research and with a larger company you get different opinions and interests. To get those aligned is a challenge for me.’

‘At the moment I’m still in the middle of that, but the more I talk to people the more insights I get into this and we become more aligned.’

What do you enjoy most about your internship?
‘I personally really enjoy conducting interviews. You really get to know your colleagues and during the interviews they are very open. You really feel the passion and pride to tell about Arcus. During those interviews, you also build a personal bond with your colleagues. People see that you are filling more than just an internship. That you are really engaged in research and then they see the added value of an intern. I this case me.

What do you really excel at?
‘I think conducting interviews is also what I excel at. I show my added value for the company. I’m not just here to finish my studies, but really to add something to the company.’

Why would you recommend other students to do internships at Arcus as well?
‘Arcus offers an environment where you can gain a lot of knowledge. Colleagues are really open to helping you and you also get all the space you need to focus on your research or assignment. I really like that combination.’

What tip would you give the next intern at Arcus?
‘While you are here, approach anyone you think might add something to your development. After all, there is plenty of room for this at Arcus and people are really open to it.’

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