Did you know...

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Danique van 't Ent

Did you know that we facilitate our employees in their learning journeys at Arcus? 

At Arcus Group, we believe in continuous growth and development of our employees. That’s why we facilitate our employees in their learning journeys to support our employees in their development. We’re proud to see so many colleagues taking advantage of this opportunity to enhance their skills and knowledge.

Here are some of the inspiring studies our team members are currently pursuing or have recently completed:

Monique De Munnik – de Groot: Social degree Financial Management
Danique van ‘t Ent: Master Management, Culture and Change (MCC)
Sofyan El Moumni: Black Belt training
Nathalie Robben, Darja van Krimpen-Verhoeven, Lisenka van Teunenbroek, Robbert Wigmans and Matthew van ‘t Verlaat: Sales training Commercial attitude of behavior and sales skills
Katarina van Wilgenburg-Markanovic: Declarant Basic Training
Desiree Verwijs: Declarant Basic Training
Jens Gläser, Stephan Ramacher, Ingo Meinhold, Oliver Luger: Pipe Training
Justyna Schmidt: Tarifcode Training
Joyce Wigmans: Master Human Resource Management (HRM)|
Emily Arrindell: Practical diploma in Payroll Administration (PDL)
Mustafa Abdullahi: NEVI 1
Farah Florijn: NEVI 1
Nancy Baks: Training Business English
Torsten Gehrke: Training Business English part 1
Justin Meurer, Kevin Metzger: Certified industrial foreman in metal
Michael Deres, Justin Meurer, Daniel Brück: Radiation protection

We are incredibly proud of our team’s commitment to personal and professional development. Keep up the great work!