Arcus Group is committed to sustainable growth!

Written by:

Chris Wagemakers

Arcus Group is committed to sustainable growth!

In line with the European Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) of November 2022, we are dedicated to transparency and sustainability in all our operations. With precise measurements and reporting on our impact on the environment and society, we are tackling the challenge of achieving a sustainable European economy.After intensive preparations since September 2023, we’ve held four constructive meetings within Arcus involving all departments. Through a thorough double materiality analysis, we’ve determined which themes to report on, identified stakeholders, and established necessary actions. Now, we’re moving forward with developing policies, setting up a clear reporting framework, and gathering data on specific KPIs. This is a crucial phase in our pursuit of sustainability and social responsibility.

Arcus is committed to a transparent and sustainable future.

Together, we’ll take on this challenge!