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Danique van 't Ent

At Arcus, we strongly believe in the power of personal contact. This is the only way to build long-term relationships. We regularly share the story of one of our colleagues. This time, we would like to introduce you to Marvin Krijgsman, account manager.

Marvin has worked at Arcus in Heerenveen for six years. He is the face for our clients in the north and is busy working with his team to increase our visibility and client base in the north. In doing so, he brings decisiveness and a smile to faces.

How does your working day look like?
Every day is different. One day I am mainly on the phone with customers and the next day I have more e-mail traffic. I am constantly in contact with customers and that makes my work fun. Making quotations, arranging urgent matters, answering technical questions. I am always there for my customers.’
‘Once a week I go to Dordrecht. Then I sit with my team there and make sure I have a chat everywhere in the different departments. I always try to walk into the warehouse to say hello to the guys and girls there. That way I keep the connection with my colleagues in Dordrecht.’

What do you enjoy most about your work at Arcus?
‘Discussing the weekend with clients is what I like best. Building that personal connection with clients and that includes the occasional joke. That makes it more fun and less serious and I find that clients like it too. It makes it more personal for both the client and me. I am constantly helping customers with their daily needs. The challenge then lies in arranging what seems impossible for the customer at the time they then ask. I make sure I arrange it for my customer. And I always do that with a smile.’

Why do you fit in so well at Arcus?
‘You should actually ask my colleagues ;). The personal touch is important to me and the collegiality. I work a lot with colleagues from Dordrecht. Promises are made to customers, so I don’t promise things that cannot be kept. If a customer indicates that he needs something for a certain period of time, I take care of it. That is that vigour that I stand for and which is one of Arcus’ core values.’

Where do you get a kick out of your work?
‘I think when I hear when a client is happy with me. Then you know why you are doing it. Clients call every day and then you really build a bond with them. We are actually more of a partner than a supplier and I really enjoy that in my work.’

How do you see the future at Arcus?
‘I would like to further expand client contact in the North. By increasing visibility in the North. We try to be as visible as possible, which is why, for example, we are at industry-related trade fairs in the region and we regularly visit our clients.’

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